Mfreke Anakan Ayan-Asigbe

Mfreke Ayan-Asigbe

Mfreke Anakan Ayan-Asigbe is a native of Akwa Ibom State. She is a mother of two boys and a girl. Mfreke is married to Mr Anakan Ayan-Asigbe who hails from Ikom Local Government in Cross River State. Mfreke is also a graduate of Microbiology with a Master’s degree in Public Health. She is the founder and CEO of Cypress Global Health, a health and wellness organization that is focused on training and coaching women, children, couples and families in the following areas: Stress management, non-violent communication, abuse and domestic violence recovery, emotional intelligence, healthy dating and marriage relationship, healthy parent-child relationship and healthy work-place relationship.

Mfreke’s passion to see women, children, couples and families thrive beyond trauma and stress led her to publish a book titled; Managing Stress: The Pathway to Building a Healthy Relationship and Family. Her book has helped her clients to manage life stressors and transformed their lives. For more information about her book and professional services visit  After her mentorship program with Nigerian Women Trust Fund on ending gender-based violence, she developed further interest in women empowerment, politics and other issues that affect women. In addition to this, she has worked with several International and local NGOs to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS in her community.

Mfreke Asigbe resides in Calabar and is currently working to amplify the voices of women and ensure their full participation in politics, advocacy, policy influencing and implementation. Her hobbies include reading, researching, writing, travelling and sports.