Faith Chiazor

Faith Chiazor

Digital Disruptor Team Lead, Youth Advocating for Rights in Nigeria (YARN)

Faith, an emerging political leader, and passionate social advocate has dedicated over six years to promoting women’s rights in Nigeria. Her goal is to create a more inclusive and socially tolerant society where women and girls have equal access to resources, opportunities, and justice, free from discrimination. She envisions a Nigeria where women’s rights are fully incorporated and protected in public policies.

Throughout her journey, Faith has worked and volunteered with esteemed local and international organizations, including the Youngstars Foundation and Global Youth Network. Notably, she led the first Amnesty International digital disruptors project in Africa, securing a grant in 2020. Additionally, she founded the Fidel Foundation, an NGO focused on enabling and empowering women and girls to unleash their full potential.

Faith’s leadership abilities and grassroots mobilization skills have inspired fellow youths to take action toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 10. Her unwavering dedication to this cause led to her recognition as the Woman of the Year for Social Justice and Economic Empowerment at the International Women of Impact Conference in 2021, supported by the Delta State Ministry of Women Affairs.

Beyond her advocacy work, Faith is intellectually curious and has published research in esteemed journals. She earned a B.A (Hons) in English and Literary Studies from Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria. She is a diligent individual who earns a living through freelance writing, full-stack development, and entrepreneurship. Faith describes herself as a lady with a paradigm mentality shift, competing in life’s race with the cheetahs and consistently outrunning them. In conclusion, she is resilient, result-oriented, and a true go-getter.