Joseph Effiong

Joseph Effiong

Joseph Effiong is the Founder of Be Exceptional, a solution for raising the next generation of Teachers. It was established as a response to the global lockdown of schools during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak.

It initially ensures learning never stops even with the global lockdown. Teachers and students drawn from the College of Education and Faculties of Education gathered at our Facebook platform to learn while schools were under keys.

Beyond the lockdown, Be Exceptional aims to raise the next generation of influential teachers who will be locally productive and globally relevant.

The network unbundles the traditional competition among teachers to allow for collaboration and strengthen the cause of teachers and schools by providing the opportunity for all to learn, support and share together.

Using the Be Exceptional Network he is currently championing a mission to empower 10,000 Teachers in Akwa Ibom State with Google For Education Skills.

Joseph founded his low-income school (Golden Schools Ibaka) where he introduces early leadership as the core of learning for the young learners who now become advocates of change. He strives to lay a solid foundation for Leadership, Africa’s most hunted problem and also envisages an Education that pays for itself.

He is the Lead Volunteer #KickOutVerbalAbuse and is driven by the belief that “Love lights up the brain”, so he infuses into every relationship a great sense of camaraderie and empathy.


Joseph is a School Growth Strategist, Content Creator, advocate for girl child and hopes to see a Nigeria where a woman will become President.