Toluwani Ojo-Lanre

Toluwani Ojo-Lanre

Team Lead and Associate at BetaX, a technology division within Transcendent Life Capitals

Toluwani Ojo-Lanre serves as a Team Lead and Associate at BetaX, a technology division within Transcendent Life Capitals. With over two years in the tech sector, she has consistently leveraged his skills to produce insights that enhance performance and growth.

As the Team Lead at BetaX, a forward-thinking tech company, Toluwani spearheads initiatives focused on empowering communities through technology. She specializes in planning and overseeing programmes that equip individuals with vital tech skills, fostering digital literacy, and opening new paths for growth.

Toluwani’s expertise in digital literacy and tech education policy, combined with her strong community engagement skills and strategic management, are highly valuable. Her ability to integrate technology into public solutions and solve complex issues ensures she can contribute modern, effective perspectives to policy-making, enhancing government efficiency and accessibility.

Having read the EPLF Mission and Objectives, Toluwani is convinced that the fellowship will significantly enhance his personal growth and development. The EPLF programme will broaden her understanding of good governance and policy impact while honing crucial soft skills such as strategic planning, leadership, and communication. Additionally, it offers extensive networking opportunities with influential figures and peers. This exposure will boost her professional and political capacity, opening advanced career paths that will benefit her community.