Ugochi Cindy Onwuzurigbo

Ugochi Onwuzurigbo

Senior Executive Assistant, Office of the Honourable Commissioner at the Ministry of Digital Economy and SMEs, and Tech Management/ Digital Consultant

Ugochi Cindy Onwuzurigbo is a seasoned professional proficient in executive assistance, human resources, project management, and consultancy. Currently serving as the Executive Assistant to the Commissioner at the Ministry of Digital Economy and SMEs, she excels in managing complex schedules and providing strategic support to high-level stakeholders. Ugochi’s expertise extends to HR and improvement management, where she implements innovative strategies to enhance organizational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

With a background as an improvement consultant, Ugochi has led impactful projects focused on empowerment and digital literacy programmes. Noteworthy contributions include her role as a youth project lead in Business and IP development, training for women and youth empowerment programmes, and participation in NG-CARES 3.2 business empowerment, all under World Bank-powered initiatives. She has also served in various capacities on projects such as the Secretariat for Dig-Once Policy Implementation Council and the Digital Transformation and Advisory Council Committee, Abia go-digit project, among others, in Abia State.

Passionate about AI, data analytics, and digital literacy, Cindy is dedicated to driving innovation and empowering individuals and businesses through digital transformation. Through her startup, Cindiva Consulting Group, she offers strategic guidance and support to clients in the digital economy sector, leveraging her consultancy and training expertise.

Eager to broaden her perspectives and cultivate leadership skills, Ugochi is enthusiastic about participating in the Emerging Political Leaders Fellowship Programme. She aims to deepen her understanding of political processes, governance, and policy-making to contribute meaningfully to societal advancement, particularly in her home state of Abia.

Ugochi’s track record of delivering impactful results and her passion for driving positive change make her a valuable asset in any endeavour. She is confident that her participation in the fellowship programme will not only enhance her personal growth but also contribute significantly to societal advancement.