Ademola Oluoloniyo

Ademola Oluoloniyo

CEO of Demavict Innovations

Oluoloniyo Ademola Victor is a seasoned professional with a background in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Systems Engineering, boasting a proven track record in developing and designing mechanical and electrical systems for construction projects. His work emphasizes functionality, efficiency, safety, and strict adherence to codes and regulations. Additionally, he is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, a journey that has endowed him with a profound understanding of market dynamics and a strategic mindset, enabling him to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities effectively.

Currently, Victor serves as the CEO of Demavict Innovations, a creative hub specializing in design, printing, publishing, and paper engineering. In this role, he oversees all aspects of business operations, from conceptualization and strategic planning to team management. His responsibilities include driving growth and fostering innovation, ensuring the company remains a leader in the industry.

Victor’s experience as a versatile leader extends to his role as a young people pastor, where his passion for innovation and commitment to quality assurance are evident. These qualities, combined with his professional expertise, make him an excellent candidate for the Emerging Political Leaders Fellowship Programme. He is eager to apply his acumen to the political arena, where effective, compassionate, and innovative leadership is essential for driving positive change.

Participating in the Fellowship will allow him to deepen his understanding of political processes and governance while expanding his network of like-minded professionals. He is confident that this experience will enhance his leadership skills, broaden his perspective, and enable him to make a more significant impact on his community and beyond.