Sanni Sheu-Ahmad

Sanni Sheu-Ahmad

CEO of Dotted and Kruxd Educational Consult, and Special Assistant to the Governor of Lagos State on Basic and Secondary Education

Sanni Sheu-Ahmad is a foremost educator with nearly a decade of experience spanning classroom teaching, school leadership, educational advocacy, consultancy, research, and policy. Driven by a strong desire to impact the Nigerian education sector, he focuses on innovations that offer ingenious yet indigenous solutions to learning problems and outcomes.

Throughout his career, Sanni has earned several awards and recognitions for successfully leading and implementing intervention programs at the school, educational district, and subnational levels. His dedication to improving education led him to build edtech solutions. As CEO of Dotted and Kruxd Educational Consult, an educational consultancy firm, he collaborates with educational authorities, development agencies, and private education investors to research and implement programmes and policies that bridge the gap between current school affordances and global education standards. In this role, he coordinates policy research, data analytics, monitoring and evaluation, and grant writing.

Sanni believes his experience in policy and research, along with his strong desire to see Nigerians enjoy good governance, makes him a suitable candidate for the Emerging Political Leaders Fellowship Programme. He aims to bring his rich experience in civil service to politics, convinced that attributes like empathetic leadership, developed while working with children, and design thinking, honed as a techpreneur, are essential in public leadership.

He believes the knowledge, skills, and exposure gained from this fellowship will enable him to strategize, network, and lead better when called upon. Recognizing that policy-making is highly dependent on politics, Sanni understands that professionals seeking to make far-reaching and permanent impacts must participate in politics to have a front seat in decision-making processes shaping our lives and future. This understanding drives his choice to learn on a platform that aligns with his values, such as the Emerging Political Leaders Fellowship Programme.