Kwaghtagher Iwueseter-Natu

Kwaghtagher Iwueseter-Natu

Legislative Aide to the Distinguished Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Abass Tajudeen, PhD

As an emerging leader in Nigeria, Kwaghtaher Joyce Iwueseter-Natu is deeply committed to active engagement in both politics and the civil society space. Her journey began with a pivotal role as a member of the PDP Youth Presidential Campaign Council during the last Presidential elections. In this capacity, she spearheaded initiatives focused on the Sensitization and Mobilization of Youths and Students nationwide, conducting impactful Town Hall sessions to foster dialogue and awareness.

Prior to her involvement in electoral politics, her dedication to advocacy led her to champion the cause for the passage of the New Electoral Act. Engaging in various media platforms and participating in peaceful protests at the National Assembly, she contributed to the discourse on electoral reform, driven by a fervent belief in the importance of democratic principles.

Presently, as a Legislative Aide to the distinguished Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Abass Tajudeen, PhD, she is privileged to gain invaluable insights into policy formulation and stakeholder management. Within the Office of Research, Public Policy, and Strategy, along with her role as a resource person in the Programmes Coordinating Unit (PCU), she is actively involved in shaping legislative agendas and strategic initiatives.

Joyce’s academic foundation in Political Science, complemented by ongoing studies pursuing a Master’s Degree in Political Economy and Development Studies, provides me with a comprehensive understanding of governance dynamics. Combined with her extensive engagement in civil society initiatives, these experiences have equipped me with the requisite skills to navigate the intricacies of policymaking and drive impactful change.

Looking ahead, she is poised to further hone my expertise through participation in the Emerging Political Leaders Fellowship Programme, aiming to deepen her understanding of the political process and enhance my public speaking acumen. With aspirations to contest elections in 2026, she is eager to leverage this opportunity to broaden my network, forge meaningful connections with diverse stakeholders, and refine her leadership capabilities for the challenges ahead.

Confident in the transformative power of collaborative engagement, she is committed to harnessing every opportunity to contribute positively to Nigeria’s political landscape and champion the aspirations of its citizens.