Samson Abanni

Samson Abanni

Founder and Art Editor, Samson Abanni Foundation

Samson Abanni is a remarkable man driven by a fervent dedication to building robust institutions, strengthening democratic processes, and championing the inclusion of youth in decision-making. With a multifaceted persona as a writer, poet, and acclaimed wordsmith, he firmly believes that knowledge should be shared without partitions to attain comprehensive solutions.

Drawing from his educational background in industrial chemistry and medicine, Samson’s profound interest in politics, policy, and governance prompted him to pursue studies in that domain. His university tenure witnessed his active involvement as the President of the Student Union Government (SUG) and a valuable stint at the prestigious Lagos Business School.

Possessing an array of talents, Samson has successfully spearheaded numerous organizations spanning non-profit initiatives, businesses, and religious groups. He derives great pleasure from crafting words, exploring various forms of art, indulging in books, and embarking on enriching travels. Beauty captivates him, resonating deeply within his soul.

In recent years, Samson has dedicated a significant portion of his time to volunteering, skill-building, and fostering valuable networks. He derives immense fulfillment from nurturing the growth of others, wholeheartedly investing himself in myriad endeavors, and finding happiness in each passing day. He firmly upholds the belief that courage is indispensable in unlocking one’s full potential and advocates for embracing technology as a driving force in shaping our collective future.

Samson perceives his life’s purpose as acquiring knowledge to aid individuals and institutions in surmounting challenges and fostering societal progress. He bears witness to God’s faithfulness and passionately believes that by positioning ourselves as problem solvers, we can all live our lives to the fullest. Acknowledging his own weaknesses, Samson relentlessly strives to become the best version of himself with unwavering determination.

Annually, he organizes a poetry competition while simultaneously providing mentorship to many. For those he cannot personally reach, he strives to inspire them through his remarkable endeavors.