Demola Olarewaju

Demola Olarewaju

Special Assistant, Digital Media Strategy to H.E. Atiku Abubakar

Demola Olarewaju is a creative writer, political analyst and media strategist with a background in Nigeria’s political history, media, party tendencies and ideological activism developed during his days as a Student of English in the Humanities at the University of Ado Ekiti (now Ekiti State University) in Nigeria.

@DemolaRewaju – as known on Twitter for his political opinion – is also a major contributor to various print magazines and journals in diverse fields of research analysis. Presently, he does political work in mobilising young people to participate in the political process both as voters and as aspirants across various platforms, and is politically aligned to the Peoples Democratic Party where he provides support for candidates of the party and aspirants within the party to fulfil their aspirations. These areas of support include digital media publicity, strategic planning, campaign management, manifesto/policy development, focus group researches/constituent demographic polls and political trend evaluation.

As a champion of causes in the Right spectrum of political ideology, Demola Olarewaju is a believer in Economic Liberalism and aligns with world-accepted Democratic values in upholding the Rule of Law, Free and Fair Elections and the Human Rights.

Demola has helped in media management for various past and present PDP office holders as well as dozens of aspirants and candidates. These he does through PoliStrat Ltd. – a registered political strategy company which he founded and is the Principal Partner of, as well as the Director of Operations and Strategy.

Further in the area of media management, Demola works with a diverse range of media professionals and digital media influencers to project person in the best light possible, to defend them and manage their public image for favourable positioning in the perception of people. In doing this, Demola most times stays in the background to let the work flow unhindered and sometimes puts himself forward in the course of the duty depending on which is most advantageous to the client or suitable for the best results.

Demola Olarewaju was born on November 28, 1982 in Surulere, Lagos where he attended both primary and secondary schools and presently lives but operates across Nigeria. His state of origin is Osun State where he hails from Ilesha West LGA and was directly involved in the last gubernatorial election in the State, both with the party and the candidate. He was involved with the PDP for the Atiku presidential election and worked closely with the party on both publicity and strategy during the presidential election, and is therefore familiar with all the surrounding issues in the polity. He further worked with the candidate on the election petition following the election.

As a member of the party in Lagos State, Demola contested to be State Publicity Secretary and is currently the Vice-Chairman of the media committee of the Lagos PDP Campaign Council. In Osun State, Demola Olarewaju led the on-ground situation report teams of the party in both the 2018 and 2022 elections respectively, as well as having led similar teams in other State elections where PDP was involved.

A recipient of many awards in recognition of his various endeavours, Demola Olarewaju brings several personal qualities to his work including discipline, discretion, camaraderie, a wide network of relationships, loyalty and an ability to diffuse complex situations quickly as well as bright and sharp ideas.