Michael Adewara

Michael Adewara

Founder, Political Intelligence NG

Mike possesses a diverse skill set and demonstrates a strong work ethic. He is not afraid to take risks and initiate innovative endeavours. In the realm of politics, Mike made history as the youngest candidate for a major party in 2019, contesting at the age of 30. Despite challenging an incumbent, he secured second place in the election, although some questioned its fairness.

Prior to his political venture, Mike led numerous community campaigns, fostering collaboration among individuals striving towards common objectives. Currently, he spearheads Political Intelligence NG, a group dedicated to generating fresh ideas for the improvement of politics and governance.

Mike’s professional journey began at the age of 19, where he assumed managerial responsibilities and later ventured into various investments, including FoodboxNG and Sapiential Capital. Recognized for his astute thinking and policy-making skills, Mike serves on the boards of several organizations, driven by his commitment to enhancing the political landscape for the betterment of the nation.

He consistently prioritizes inclusivity in his endeavours, demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges and refusing to succumb to fear.