H.E Lawal Mohammed Hamidu

H.E Lawal Mohammed Hamidu

CEO at the Jami Al Hakeem Foundation.

Lawal Mohammed Hamidu is a Fellow, of the Institute of Disaster Management, Safety, and Security. He is a distinguished graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

With an illustrious career in the Nigerian Foreign Service, Lawal joined in 1986 and excelled to the esteemed rank of Minister Plenipotentiary. His extensive experience in diplomacy and international relations has made him a seasoned professional in the field.

He represented Nigeria as a valuable member of the Nigerian delegation to the United Nations. His contributions and active involvement during this period were instrumental in shaping Nigeria’s global engagements.

Alongside his diplomatic achievements, he has ventured into the domain of livestock farming, demonstrating his commitment to the agricultural sector and sustainable practices. He actively participates in the management and operations of his livestock farming endeavours.

Furthermore, Lawal holds the esteemed position of CEO at the Jami Al Hakeem Foundation in Nigeria. Through this role, he spearheads initiatives focused on community development and welfare, embodying his dedication to making a positive impact on society.

Recognized for his profound understanding of disaster management, safety, and security, he has earned the esteemed title of Fellow at the Institute of Disaster Management, Safety, and Security. His knowledge and expertise in these critical areas further enhance his profile as a multi-faceted professional.

With a remarkable combination of diplomatic experience, entrepreneurial pursuits in agriculture, philanthropic endeavours, and expertise in disaster management, is a distinguished individual who continues to contribute significantly to various sectors, leaving a lasting impact on society.